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          Announce: A manufacturer of machinery and industrial equipment, Cangzhou Canghai Plastic Machinery Factory (Canghai) is committed to the R&D and production
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          Special-opening blowing machine 

            Automatic co-blowing cutter mold for the original customer extruder to solve the problem of finding jobs, automatic clamping frame and a combination of the extruder to become a fully automated extrusion blowing machine. Automatic mold clamping machine and strong, low energy consumption, high output, well above the efficiency of manual operations, saving time, money, effort, worry! Can be customized according to customer product requirements
            If your company are interested in our products, please contact with us!
            Brand Model CH-150 presses the sea
            Types of plastic blow molding machine is suitable for raw materials PE, PP
            Products, product uses the alias automatic blow molding machine plastic bottle production
            Production capacity 80 (kg / h) wind does not blow the proportion of bags blowing bags
            Dimension 1500 * 550 * 1200 (mm) Screw diameter 55 (mm)
            Screw 1; 25 Motor power 5.5 (kw)
            Mold mold from the maximum number of two 150 (mm)
            Die minimum distance of 80 (mm)


          canghai plastic machinery




          holly plastic blowing machine

          suitable raw material

          pe, pp

          alternate name

          special-opening blowing machine


          for products whose cap has inner plug, such as medicine bottles, cosmetics bottles and beverage bottles


          26,000/d (kg/h)

          blowing width


          blowing proportion




          stem diameter


          l/d ratio


          product thickness


          motor power


          number of mould frames

          2 pairs



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