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            Tel:086-0317-2058161 Fax:086-0317-2058161
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          Announce: A manufacturer of machinery and industrial equipment, Cangzhou Canghai Plastic Machinery Factory (Canghai) is committed to the R&D and production
          Product Center
            Rotary blowing machine
            Reciprocating blowing machine
            Three-tier extruder
            Special-opening blowing machine
            Easy extruder
            PET blowing machine,
          mould and production site

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            Name: Hebei Canghai Machinery Factory Address: Zhang Zhuang Zi Development Zone, Cangzhou, Hebei, CHina
          Tel.: 0317-2058161 Fax: 0317-2058161 Mobile: 13930703685 Contact person: Manager Guo E-mail: gxb8@alibaba.com.cn
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