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            Tel:086-0317-2058161 Fax:086-0317-2058161
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          Announce: A manufacturer of machinery and industrial equipment, Cangzhou Canghai Plastic Machinery Factory (Canghai) is committed to the R&D and production
          Product Center
            Rotary blowing machine
            Reciprocating blowing machine
            Three-tier extruder
            Special-opening blowing machine
            Easy extruder
            PET blowing machine,
          mould and production site

            Company profile: A manufacturer of machinery and industrial equipment, Canghai Machinery is registered with approval from relevant national departments. Canghai specializes in R&D and production of fully automatic plastic blowing machines, including rotary blowing machines, reciprocating blowing machines, special-opening blowing machines, three-tier extruders, planers, automatic screen changers. By using Jie reducers and frequency controlling devices, Omron proximity switches and pneumatic components purchased from Shanghai, products of the company are of superb design and stable performance. Products are mainly used to make dairy bottles, pesticide bottles, medicine bottles, beverage tubes, glue bottles, detergent bottles, jelly bottles, eye drops bottles, oil drums, etc. Orders for tailor-made specifications can also be placed.
            Situated at 20 Xi Huan Zhong Road in Cangzhou City, Hebei, the company has been sticking to its ideology of “customer first and service foremost”. Products of the company are well-marketed for their stable performance and easy operation. Visits for inspection, investigation and business negotiations are welcomed.
            Our principle: Excellence and Service

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            Name: Hebei Canghai Machinery Factory Address: Zhang Zhuang Zi Development Zone, Cangzhou, Hebei, CHina
          Tel.: 0317-2058161 Fax: 0317-2058161 Mobile: 13930703685 Contact person: Manager Guo E-mail: gxb8@alibaba.com.cn
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